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Health/Fitness Groups


For: Anyone (18+ years old)
When: During spring session (see game schedule, i.e., the calendar)
Where: Practice sessions and games at local baseball fields
Ministry Leader: Sean Peterson & David Sunderland
Purpose:In Mark 1:17, it best describes the primary purpose of this ministry which is to lure people into church so that they can find and build a relationship with God for eternity. Then it is up to their Christian teammates to spiritually nurture and nourish them as they build their new found relationship with God. Softball is also a fun way for teammates to get to know and help each other. The games provide a time of fellowship, prayer and post game devotionals. Participation in this ministry requires attendance at least two church services per month.

Body & Soul Fitness Class

For: Women (16+ years old)
When: Mondays and Thursdays @ 6:15 – 7:20 pm
Where: Sanctuary
Ministry Leaders:

Celeste Tressler & Esther Quinn-Fairall

Purpose: The Body & Soul Fitness class is a women’s christian ministry that offers physical and spiritual fitness. For more info, you may visit their website at bodyandsoul.org.

For more information on any of these ministries, please contact:

Phone: 717·597·3807

Email: office@crossroadshagerstown.org

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